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—> I’m going to share with you 8 very important information you should know before buying the Superlife STC30.
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—>What exactly is STC30?

Originally produced by Mibelle biochemistry, Switzerland, and marketed by Superlife World SDN, Malaysia.

Superlife Total Care –  its a Plant based Supplement made from special plants and fruits which contains special A Grade content like

  • Blackcurrant Juice Powder
    • Bilberry Extract
    • Glisodin (Cantaloupe Extract)
    • Solar Vitis 
    • Malus Domestica

This contents contain natural remedy for many illnesses:

—>How does this STC30 works

You’ve heard how the STC30 cures over 143 disease?
or have you heard that it cures the most shocking and horrible diseases with 2 weeks to a few months?
To debunk this myth
As mentioned above, the STC30 contains contents that helps repair cells that are lost as we age or our due to a disease or the other.
But just like the saying goes: “there is no perfect medicine.”

We all have different body make ups which makes our response to treatment differ from person to person.

Here’s an example: I had two patients, who were suffering type 2 diabetes, they happened to be siblings, the older had a chronic case where she was suffering from a ceaseless injury, I recommended the STC30 for both after trying a couple of Medications with no significant improvement.
Two weeks into the STC30 application, the older started noticing very significant healing on the Leg injury and balancing to her sugar level while the case was opposite for the younger, even after undergoing the STC30 treatment for over two month, until we introduced Miiracell plus, A treatment that worked perfectly for the both of them (more on miiracell plus at the end of the page).
The above scenario is common to hundreds of thousands of people who buy the product but experience no positive results and sometimes get negative results.

—>What’s STC30 price

The prices of STC30 differs from countries to countries due to currencies differences and instabilities. In Nigeria, The cost of STC30 as being consistently increasing due to continuous devaluation of the currency.

The above is a Memo from Superlife headquarter, which reads:
Starter (#30,250): means 1 pack of STC30
Star (55,000): 
means 2 Packs of STC30
Supreme (220,000):means 8 Packs of STC30
Super (550,000):means 20 Packs of STC30
Note: (You pay no extra few for registration.)

—> Is there fake STC30 & How can I spot fake STC30

I have not personally come across fake STC30 product, even though rumor fly around of it’s circulation.
Some of my staffs and patients have reported cases of expired STC30 which are sold at ridiculously low prices online and in stores.
Expired products can be extremely harmful to the body system just as much as fake products.
My recommendation is to get your health products from the right sources and PAY THE PRICE FOR IT
You have just ONE BODY in this ONE LIFE.

—> What is the recommended amount of Packs to buy when starting with STC30?

I recommend you start with just 2 packs, we call this the (trial pack.)

if used properly and consistently, the effect of the treatment would start to surface between 2-4 weeks, sometimes you would see the result earlier than that.

If after 4 Weeks, you don’t experience positive development, its recommended to stop the use of the STC30.
You can order for the STC30 through the form below

Due to the downturn of the economy.
especially in Nigeria, we’ve looked out for ways to ease and help people in need. 
1: We’ve make it possible for you to pay on delivery
2: For orders over 4 packs, Delivery is Free to anywhere in Nigeria
Won’t you now get it from us?
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3: We have discounted the cost of the product for everyone.

You can ask any questions in the order box below

—> How is STC30 used

You need to be aware of it’s usage before buying the STC30,  to avoid misuse and in turn, reduction in effectivity.

Unlike most other medications, its recommended that the STC30 is taken as the first thing in the Morning after waking up and last thing (in case of chronic illnesses).
To use:
Take a sachet of the STC30 and cut it open at it’s tip
Empty it’s content on the floor of the mouth, just below the tongue
Leave it for as long as you can conveniently, averaging between 5 – 10 minutes.
Take enough water, water is necessary to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Next is,

—> For how long should you use STC30

Due to the cost of the STC30, 
I do recommend the STC30 should be used till you see results you want,
or stop if you don’t get any improvement in 4 Weeks.
in order cases, the STC30 is a Plant Supplement that can be taken from time to time for the body maintenance.

—> Can I use STC30 alongside my normal medications?

IN most cases, you can use the STC30 alongside your medications for a few days or weeks, till you are noticing significant developments.
In case, you are easily reactive to new medications, consult your doctor.

Here is the TRUTH

The Superlife STC30 Treatment Truly Works… But not for everyone due to differences in body system makeup.

Would it for for You (it does for me)

find out by trying the trial pack.

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STC30 cures STROKE

STC30 cures STROKE

Yourself and your Family can also enjoy Good Health!!!

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